Hindu Religious Symbols for Home Decor

When it comes to home décor, the first thing that comes to the mind is design, color combination, furniture, electronics and the last would be art pieces. And the definition of art changes from one person to the other, some see an art in a painting, some see it in a sculpture and some see it in a photograph. It’s up to you, how you would like to decorate your walls and corner spaces.
Due to different perspective on art; a home reflects the personality of a person on how it’s decorated. And as much as personal style is important, what’s also important is how you feel inside your home after a long hectic day of work, meetings, projects, nuisance of traffic and running errands; you want to feel relaxed at home.
You will feel relaxed when you’ll feel positive at home and the way to feel positive is to have spiritual things at home that give positive vibes. One of the best ways to go about is to have Hindu religious symbols, there are many different symbols and all have their different meanings and here’s a list of few.

Om- Symbol of Peace and Divinity
It is the most important symbol in Hindu culture and it symbolizes the beginning and it brings sanctity and peace. All the major Hindu rituals start with Om. The Hindus believed that it is the sound that was heard at the time universe was created.

Lord Ganesha- Destroyer of Hurdles
Lord Ganesha, very well-known as Ganpati and Vinayaka is worshiped before the beginning of any auspicious work to remove all the obstacles and obstructions. Lord Ganesha is considered the God of wisdom, knowledge and new beginning. Consequently, the motifs of keeping a painting or sculpture of Lord Ganesha is to welcome knowledge.

Swastika- Epitome of Prosperity and Strength
In western world, the symbol of swastika is more popularly associated with ‘the Nazi’ of German but it is considered as an auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It symbolizes ‘lucky or auspicious object. It’s also used as a symbol for stability and is used with a Kalash.

Kalash- Emblem of Purity and Divinity
The Kalash is physically represented as an urn filled with holy water, preferably water from river Ganga. The Kalash is used on the pooja table, and is filled with coconut water and mango leaves for pooja. The Kalash is known as a symbol for wealth and the source of life. It denotes the human body; the water symbolizes the elixir of life and the mango leaves signify the five senses.

The home décor should be simple, elegant and must send out positive vibes. With available technology and ecommerce on the all-time high, religious décor shopping could be done online along with pooja accessories too.

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